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Anything to do with Food


Before the year began I thought that I would look at things a bit differently. Instead of going into the new year with this grand list of things that I wanted to do, I’d pick something to achieve each month. … Continue reading

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Following the trend set by my last post by using a day of the week as a title, I thought I would call this one Saturday 😛 Amazing how much a little bit of help changes your mood. I was … Continue reading

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I think Levi is hungry for a second breakfast. Found him in the kitchen with all the cereal pulled out & any boxes that weren’t opened before, now are. Never underestimate the capabilities of a hungry little boy to destroy … Continue reading

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Friday’s Happenings

Woke up to find our container of food had been dragged to the compost pile (still closed & intact, although with a heap more dirty paw prints on it). Starting to wonder if it is only one raccoon or if … Continue reading

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Today I managed to learn something new. Store bought piñata’s are generally pre-made to fit small candies & little toys in them NOT crackers, boxes of raisins, oatmeal cookies etc. I had been told that Bulk Barn carried them, so … Continue reading

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This evening is swimming classes, which means I get an hours worth of time to myself. The first few times I had to drive Levi into town & drop him off for class, but a couple of weeks ago, Geoff … Continue reading

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It appears some corn survived the repeated deer trampling the other week & now have tiny little cobs of corn on some of the stalks. We also have zucchini this year, (not yellow bumpy squash that we ended up with … Continue reading

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Gruffalo inspired food

Seeing as I have already put up a post about other parts of the party, I thought that I might put up something about the food ideas that I have for Levi’s Gruffalo inspired party. I’m trying not to get … Continue reading

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Ability not DISability

A while ago, actually after I had just found out that I was pregnant with Sprout I had an allergic reaction. A photo was uploaded onto FB & many people commented on it. I was actually in the hospital visiting … Continue reading

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Different circumstances mean quite a different pregnancy this time around in so many ways. Last time I fell pregnant about 3 months after we arrived in Canada from 6 months of starvation in Asia & craved lots of hot chips. … Continue reading

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