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Do people believe this stuff?

People can be very narrow-minded about things – I am really over the racist attitudes that some people have. I recently received an e-mail from someone, which I fervently disagree with. It was entitled New Immigration Laws & made me … Continue reading

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Cell Phones

It’s funny everyone over in OZ complains about how far behind things are there, but it has nothing on Canada in some ways. Take mobile phones (called cell phones here) for instance, if you have a $30 plan which includes … Continue reading

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Internet Filter

Traveling around different parts of Asia & experiencing the effects of the internet filters that they have in place certainly makes me wonder how fucked up the internet filter will get to be in Australia. In China you can’t access … Continue reading

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Lost/ Stolen Items…. missing e-mails

I seem be “losing” a lot of things of late, although I suspect that some of the items had a little help out of my bag. The most recent I discovered today, my little book of address’s & names of … Continue reading

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New Camera

I picked up my new camera for our travels today, it’s a Canon Powershot A2000IS – the range of camera (the point and shoot type) is a little limited when you want to have a camera that uses AA batteries, … Continue reading

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selling on ebay

Selling stuff on ebay has been interesting to say the least. There are a few things that sold for the amount that we had hoped, some a little bit more & others much less than hoped. It’s been rather interesting … Continue reading

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What a week…

My working week was going to finish as of this afternoon, but I received a job on Friday (which is great, coz I/ we need the money), so now I have tomorrow off, work Friday, then have Saturday & Sunday … Continue reading

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Notice to Move

Friggin real estate, a few weeks ago council came by to do some routine inspections on rental properties, & when they came through where we are, they wrote a letter to the owners telling them to fix it or else. … Continue reading

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Just a Quote

‘Pause for a moment, you wretched weakling, and take stock of your miserable existence’ – St. Benedict

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NAB Banking

HOLY SHIT!!! This is never ending. We decided this morning to sit down & finish setting up our internet banking with NAB, that sounds really easy, but it’s not! With NAB you cannot transfer from one isaver to another isaver … Continue reading

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