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Describe Yourself

How would you describe or introduce yourself to a group of people you don’t really know on a discussion board or in front of a small group of people? There are a few things that you should do as a … Continue reading

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Felt food making

I have been doing some research for different felt foods that I can make for Levi & also for his friends that have birthday’s coming up very soon, these sites are inspiration for me, some of them have been made … Continue reading

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2011 Goals achieved

Just searched up a previous blog post with my 2011 hopes & it seems that I achieved most of what I had hoped to do Study ASL & start to do some interpreting again, attending PD events where I can … Continue reading

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Rare Indeed

Today I baked a cake. Oh sorry, I should have warned you to sit down before I told you that. I actually baked a cake though, ok, so I needed a bit of help with it, pretty sad when it’s … Continue reading

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BSL Dictionary

Wohoo! The last of the books that I ordered from The Book Depository . com arrived today. My BSL Dictionary, another sign language book to add to my collection. So far I have Auslan, ASL, Canadian ASL, Chinese, Japanese, Cambodian, … Continue reading

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Sushi Dinner tonight

I am hosting a Sushi night tonight, Saturday for my birthday with a few friends. Should be a great night. I invited a few people & received RSVP’s for 11, but that number has since changed to 9, due to … Continue reading

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Jasper Fforde Arrives

My Jasper Fforde books arrived today – wohoo! I really wanted them to arrive yesterday, on my birthday, but the day after is pretty good really. Especially when One of Our Thursdays is Missing wasn’t going to be released over … Continue reading

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Do people believe this stuff?

People can be very narrow-minded about things – I am really over the racist attitudes that some people have. I recently received an e-mail from someone, which I fervently disagree with. It was entitled New Immigration Laws & made me … Continue reading

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A few posts ago I wrote about how I had enrolled in some ASL classes (LAN5200 – Level 101 ~ Tuesday, LAN5201 – Level 102 ~ Wednesday & LAN5202 – Level 103 ~ Monday). Well this afternoon I got the … Continue reading

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Name Change

After not having any snow for the first few days of 2011, it finally hit overnight. I woke up this morning to find a blanket of white fluffy stuff covering everything. Wow, it really is beautiful, especially when it’s fluffy … Continue reading

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