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Morning Daddy

Hope that you have a great day today Daddy!

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So, it’s pretty much official. Geoff’s headed off to Armenia just after we get back from Oz. It looks like he will be there for at least a couple of weeks. I won’t be going over with Levi, as much … Continue reading

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Birthday CAKE

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The  creation of the birthday cake for Levi 🙂

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Spring Rolls

Today I am getting ingredients for the party on the weekend. Then if I have time I will start to make some of it. Spring rolls you can prepare ahead of time & freeze, so that’s what I’m doing, then … Continue reading

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We managed to put in a few bulbs in the front garden & a few elsewhere too. Here are a couple of clips of Levi having some fun helping us. Levi having fun in the Garden Levi helping Daddy in … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Weekend!

Busy long weekend planned! Tomorrow, Levi goes to another 1st Birthday Party. This time it’s for a neighbours kid, Elliott, who lives 2 doors down from us. Odds are that I won’t be going, as I suspect that I might … Continue reading

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Soup Badly

I think that Geoff relies on the “If I do it really badly, I won’t have to do it again” I made a batch of pumpkin soup, so he decided that before he blended it in the blender he would … Continue reading

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It’s great having a fireplace in the house, actually we have 3 here + the furnace, but I started to use the wood stove a bit more to try to minimise our electricity & propane usage/ costs. I started using … Continue reading

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Sick Sick Sick

Wow, what a morning it’s been. Geoff was sick all night, I hope that this gastro thing doesn’t spread to Levi or I, because it’s nasty. He spewed (vomited) all night, Geoff tried to mask the sound by running water, … Continue reading

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Birthday Weekend

We spent the rest of the weekend doing more things around the house. We hung our picture from Mongolia in Levi’s room, where it belonged (it had been in the lounge) & took a family picture, which we have been … Continue reading

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