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In the Land of Oz

For a while, we have been reassessing the items that we own, trimming down & decluttering. Sometimes the stuff that we hold onto is more of a weight than anything of real value & you don’t actually need to keep … Continue reading

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We bought a boat!!!

It’s official! We bought a boat! What an upgrade! We’ve never really seen ourselves as owning a sailboat of our own, but here we are, (amazing given about a year ago G had his wages cut & we were genuinely … Continue reading

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2020 Summary

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve, December 31st 2020, a time to reflect on the last 12 calendar months. Why? I’m not sure. It’s just something that most of us have always done, or have done for so long that it’s … Continue reading

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Holy crap!!! The sun’s out! It pissed down with rain all last night & for most of this morning, now it’s just after 9am & the sun’s out! Today is another day of running around, seeing people & getting stuff … Continue reading

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The trip has been good so far. It’s been somewhat impacted by all the rain, with us having to change some of our plans as roads have been closed & its just been too wet to do some things, but … Continue reading

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So, it’s pretty much official. Geoff’s headed off to Armenia just after we get back from Oz. It looks like he will be there for at least a couple of weeks. I won’t be going over with Levi, as much … Continue reading

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One week

One week, that’s all we have, before we head over to Oz & Levi gets to meet friends & family in the flesh. Hard to believe that it’s happening so soon. We have been wanting to go back to Oz … Continue reading

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New Passport

It took a total of 5 business days for my New Canadian Passport to get to me. I applied for a renewal on Friday the 31st of August, the 3rd (Monday) was Labour Day holiday & today, Monday the 10th, … Continue reading

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Thai / Lao Dinner

We had our first of several travel theme dinner nights last night with Charles, Lisa & Chris & it went fairly well, would have been better if the Mazda hadn’t of died, but, such is life. Dinner consisted of a … Continue reading

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This weekend, we went off to Niagra Falls. A friend in Oz, knew someone over here in Canada who had a voucher they had bought that needed to be used for 2 nights accommodation. All that had to be paid … Continue reading

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