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We bought a boat!!!

It’s official! We bought a boat! What an upgrade! We’ve never really seen ourselves as owning a sailboat of our own, but here we are, (amazing given about a year ago G had his wages cut & we were genuinely … Continue reading

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Happy Spring

With spring, comes Easter. As 2021 is pretty much just an extension of 2020, we had another really low key Easter celebration, in isolation. To be fair my use of the word Easter is done so loosely, there is an … Continue reading

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It appears some corn survived the repeated deer trampling the other week & now have tiny little cobs of corn on some of the stalks. We also have zucchini this year, (not yellow bumpy squash that we ended up with … Continue reading

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Yard Clean Up

(I apologise now for the poor formatting, whilst my “draft” post appears fine, once it publishes something happens & all the formatting becomes disjointed & out of whack, so please bear with the shitty layout) What a weekend, we managed … Continue reading

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Volleyball MAC team

We spent the day in Ottawa today, attending the H.O.P.E. Volleyball event. It was a great day, a little warm, but not too bad at all. Better to be warm & sunny than to be rainy. Someone from Geoff’s work … Continue reading

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Cabin Progress

Today we spent the day helping Helga do some more work on her cabin. They achieved a bit, getting some of the walls  boxed in (it looks a bit smaller now) & cutting the rafters for the roof. It’s a … Continue reading

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ASL Story – Laos

Tonight I have to sign a story in ASL, I have chosen “The Finger” story & how I nearly lost the top joint on my middle finger (left hand) after an unfortunate accident in Laos, when we were trekking in … Continue reading

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Preparing for our walk

Today we organised our permits for the Annapurna region. It was relatively painless, albeit a little more expensive than we had anticipated. We plan to do about 17 days from Tatapani to ABC & then out to Phedi. The permit … Continue reading

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Woodford & X-mas

Wow, Woodford & X-mas are creeping up fast, it’s next weekend – holy shit! I had at least started some of my x-mas celebrations preparation before I managed to get 2nd degree burns, but being out of action for the … Continue reading

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Boat Crash – Kookaburra Queen

I went on the Deaf Australia River Boat Cruise on Wednesday, on the Kookaburra Queen, you may have heard about it actually. That was the night that the Kookaburra Queen crashed into the William Jolly Bridge. The night was appalling … Continue reading

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