Congratulations Dad!

I’m disappointed, but not totally surprised with my family, and a recent stunt. I discovered that my grandmother (my dad’s mum) died recently here in Canada, without any family making an effort to inform me.

True to style, my Dad has been an ass. Too worried about maintaining his perceived position of power than actually thinking about anyone other than himself.

He claims that he wants me to come back, but at the same time works pretty hard to ensure that I am pushed as far away as possible. Well congrats Dad, you won another round. Then again …. did you?

What a wasted opportunity to show some compassion & get me in through those doors that you claim you have wanted me to walk through again for years, by not telling me about Granny’s funeral. Well done!

Treating me like crap doesn’t magically endear me to you & your choice of religion (which you choose to hide behind & use as a means to backup your unsavoury behaviour). In fact, by you behaving the way that you do & trying to justify it as being in accordance with the religion, it just pushes me away even further.

Congratulations Dad!

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