Suck IT

I finally succumbed to paying an extra $10 a month for voicemail & caller ID with the cell plan I have with Virgin Mobile. If you get them individually, then it’s $7 for each, so I “SAVE” $4. I am quite pissed with myself, because yet again, I have become like everyone else here & sucked it up. So now a $70 a month plan is now $80. It’s not a lot for that amount either really, at the moment I  get unlimited text and a 1GB data plan + 300min of talk time (be that me calling someone else or them calling me – the later really shits me – the phone companies get you twice) + now voicemail & caller ID.

That’s just a starter at the moment, so that I have a phone if people want to reach me to do any interpreting or for social things they can. I will probably have to go up on the scale once I am working on more of a full-time basis as an interpreter.

The USA isn’t even as backwards as Canada is about cell phone plans. Canada is pretty much bottom of the barrel. So bad, that I will probably invest in a phone from the USA which I will use when I am over there – then I will have an Aussie phone (pre-paid), Canuck phone (on contract) & a US (pre-paid) to optimise each area I am in at the time.

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