Watching a movie – forget it!

I haven’t been able to watch a full movie at home for so long, it’s actually getting a little annoying. Actually to be fair I managed to watch Paul & Hangover 2 without sleeping, but those were rare moments.

For this whole week, I have been trying to watch Fierce Creatures without any luck. Today might be the last time I attempt to watch it. We haven’t found the remote for the DVD player in question yet, so I can’t even fast forward to one of the points where I have fallen asleep before. I have even tried putting it on & doing other stuff in the house, then sitting down to watch it midway & I still go to sleep. Normally I just give up (I have watched so many 1/2 movies of late) but I quite like the movie & I just want to see it through – see what happens today I guess….

Perhaps I am preparing for when JB arrives & watching a movie all the way through will disappear all together 🙂

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  1. twoemu says:

    Ok, I didn’t watch the movie all the way through, but this time, I put it on, had a sleep & purely by chance woke up at the right bit, so now if you put all the different sections of the movie together over the last 4 tries, I have indeed managed to watch Fierce Creatures all the way through – wohoo!

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