Times are a changing

I am certainly making up for not keeping up with my blog for a while with all the posts I have put up today, in a bit of a writing mood I guess.

Kevin Every once in a while I decide to look up my brother, Kevin, on Facebook, Gordon doesn’t have an account by the looks of it. Today I did & wow, Kevin is looking well. He was always a little heavyset, but not any more.

He would be 29 now. I sometimes wonder what he is up to. I am assuming that he is a bachelor, wonder if Gordon is too, he would be 27.

There is a part of me that would love to hear from them, but honestly I know it won’t happen, so there is no point in holding my breath waiting. Yes, I know people are thinking maybe things will change once they become uncles, but how are they going to find out (unless they secretly read my blog, which is possible) still even if they do find out, why should things change? I haven’t spoken to them in over 12 years, have tried contacting Kevin with no response & no idea how to reach Gordon.

The door is always open, as it always has been, but there isn’t any point in holding out for something that I know has next to no possibilities of happening. My fathers hold over the family is too great & I am sure that after seeing what happened to me (believe me, it was much worse to experience than simply witness) they have no intentions of opening that can of whop-ass on themselves.

I hope that my family is happy & well. If our paths shall ever cross again, all well and good, but if not, that’s fine too, each to their own.

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