Cabin Progress

Today we spent the day helping Helga do some more work on her cabin. They achieved a bit, getting some of the walls  boxed in (it looks a bit smaller now) & cutting the rafters for the roof.

Rafters being lifted up & some of the walls boxed in

It’s a bit of a group thing, most weekends Helga manages to convince Todd, Dan, & Geoff to come help. I come too, but don’t do any lifting, I pretty much just run around & do errands. Today was by far the busiest for me. I dropped off Geoff & headed into town to get some money to pay Garnet for the furniture he is delivering to us tomorrow, picked up some french fries & slurpies & then headed back, driving our car into the back field, it is an AWD afterall. What a good choice that turned out to be, I ended up being chauffeur for a few people, plus going to the shops with Todd to buy some food for the BBQ & a paint ball gun for the battle that Geoff, Bailey & Todd would have in the afternoon.

Paintball WARS about to start - Geoff, Bailey & Todd

The Paintball wars were pretty funny, wish that I could have played too, but alas, I will have to wait until next year. Geoff got in a few good shots & ended up having Todd & Bailey gang up on him at one point. He does know how to shoot after all, much the same as Todd does too. Speaking of Todd & shots, he got a great one on Geoff – it hit the grill of his mask & burst in his mouth – ewww.

Todd shoots Geoff

Not sure when the next battle will be, but I suspect not too far away, perhaps even next weekend. The back field that Todd & Helga have is a great spot, with all the overgrown vegetation about, makes for some great places to hide. The grass is up to chest height in the main field area. Plus the trees are full of vegetation too. Geoff thought that it was great that you could munch on some raspberries too (just enough space at the bottom of the mask to pop a few in).

Ahh, the summertime is so nice.

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