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We spent the day in Ottawa today, attending the H.O.P.E. Volleyball event. It was a great day, a little warm, but not too bad at all. Better to be warm & sunny than to be rainy. Someone from Geoff’s work organised for a team from his work to enter. Geoff loves to play volleyball after spending so much time playing it in Oz at work during lunch times, so he jumped at the opportunity.

We felt a little awkward, seeing so many people wearing bikini’s in what was essentially a park. They call it a beach, but it’s a river & they have dumped a heap of sand on the shore to make it sort of resemble a beach. There were people in the murky brown water having a swim despite the high E.coli warning too, which was interesting, not really my choice, but hey. I guess that you have to take what you can get, we really were spoilt in Australia.

The day was quite nice, when we arrived at the court (#15) on the sand where they would play all of their games throughout the day, I noticed a garter snake slithering past & promptly picked him up, which amused a few people who saw me do it. I thought that with so many people about, it would be best if I picked him up & moved him, rather than just leave him to fend for himself & possibly be killed either unintentionally or intentionally by someone.

When I headed off with the snake to let him go away from the festivities, I passed a guy who wolf whistled me (amusing in itself) then looked down, saw I was pregnant & the look of shame on his face, as if to say that was really inappropriate, was priceless. So maybe I do have that “glow” people talk about? I certainly don’t feel it though, just feel bloated/ fat & icky. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an interesting experience to have, (being pregnant,) but I am not really sure why some women would choose to be consistently pregnant by choice. Maybe the next one will be a bit easier?

MAC Team - Hope Volleyball 16 July 2011

I managed to let the snake go near some cops that were near one of the entrance gates (making sure that people were behaving). Unfortunately the guy (who looked really tough) had a phobia to snakes. I actually thought that he was joking, but he wasn’t, to his credit he didn’t fun off screaming like some people do when faced with their phobia, so he did maintain some of his image. It really does humour me when people are petrified of a little snake, especially one that isn’t even poisonous, he might give you a little bite, but you aren’t going to die & realistically they put up with a lot before they will even attempt to bite. I wouldn’t be picking up a snake in Australia, but here, it’s totally ok.

I scored a purple band, to get into the VIP area where all the players were, which was nice, not only could I hang with the gang, but they also had seats there. A few people were really nice & offered me a chair to sit on, but for a fairly polite culture, I was surprised by just how few did. At one stage I went in search of a chair to sit in for just a few short minutes & found a guy with a whole table of empty chairs & when I asked if I could sit on one for just a few minutes before Geoff played his next game the guy was unwilling to, said that his friends would be back from playing in 5-10 minutes & I couldn’t… whatever! Normally I wouldn’t have worried to even ask, but being pregnant really does zap any energy from you that you have – JB literally sucks all the good stuff outta me 🙁

They had a pretty good day, they won a couple of games, including one against a team from Barrymore’s. Any call that was made against Barrymore’s, they contested & then they made up their own calls. That was the only game that Mac played where the guys were openly delighted to have won. The Barrymore’s team, didn’t even show good sportsmanship at the end like every other team did. Only one guy (& he wasn’t even the leader) from their side shook hands with everyone after the game – the rest just spouted abuse. Haven’t seen such sore losers in a long time, it was quite unreal, not really an endorsement for Barrymore’s at all.

The musical entertainment wasn’t bad, we saw a bit of My Favourite Tragedy, Autumns Canon, KO (pronounced CO), Tokyo Police Club & a fair amount of Big Sugar. Big Sugar was the most interesting culturally, we were in a crowd of people who all knew them, they were all singing along & dancing, but we didn’t know any of the songs. They are a classic Canadian Rock band that’s been around for a long time, so heaps of people have grown up listening to their music, not us though. It was really surreal, never been to any sort of a music festival or event where I didn’t know at least one song.

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