After hearing the news about my Uncle Jean-Pauls passing I started to think of all the memories I have of him as a child. I realised that I haven’t seen or heard from him or my Aunt Barbara or cousin Sara in over 20 years – wow!

I am related to my uncle Jean-Paul, on my dad’s side. Jean-Paul married my dad’s sister Barbara.

We used to go & visit my Uncle Jean-Paul, Aunt Barbara & cousin Sara most summers. My cousin Sara was an only child & spoilt rotten, she had the most amazing collection of Barbie dolls I have ever seen. If she still had them, I am sure that the collection would be worth a mint – I think she sold them all years ago though. It was the only time I got to play with Barbie & Ken when I went to see them, it didn’t worry me that I didn’t have my own, which I am sure pleased my parents.

They also had these really cool monkey toys that we (my brothers & I) would play with & you could interconnect them via their hands The thumbs locked into their mouths or into one of their closed fists.

We had a few memorable trips to see them, one where I ended up getting pneumonia, which was kinda scary as a kid, as they lived in Quebec City, which is French speaking, so I didn’t have a clue as to what was going on with all the doctors around me.

Another time we went over to attend my Aunt Joanne’s wedding & everyone had food poisoning & a few of them were hospitalised, including my Aunt (who was being married), she ended up in intensive care (lucky we arrived the day after the fateful meal). Then when we came back a week or so later to attend the wedding, the transmission in my parents K-car blew up, so we ended up missing the wedding completely.

They also came down to visit us a few times & we would have family gatherings where quite a bit of the family would get together & catch up. I have fond memories of those times.

I haven’t seen what he looks like in years & of course I don’t have any pictures, as my parents were less than charitable in that regard. It would be nice if I could see what he looked like in recent times, see what happens I guess. I suspect that the family will probably be a little guarded about any information I get, but you never know – I was told about the funeral after all. It’s sad to hear that my Uncle is gone but at least he isn’t in any more pain now, cancer is such an awful disease. I know that it was heart-breaking looking after Geoff’s mum, it’s an awful disease to watch anyone have to go through.

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