This should be easy….

They sure can make it hard to pay bills here. Today I tried to pay our Hydro Bill over the phone

Me – Hi, I’d like to pay my bill via Credit Card
Guy – Ok, but you can only do this once
Me – Laughing on phone
Guy – silent pause
Me – Oh, you were serious
Guy – Yes, you can only pay with a credit card once, if you decide to use it today then you can NEVER pay your bill again with your credit card
Me – Ok, so what are the other options because the bill you sent gives no details….

Just one of many weird things that happen here. Funny how hard it is to pay bills, some places even charge you extra to pay your bill, such as our insurance.

No need to look at the weather today for my daily laugh. I told Geoff what happened & he’s set for the day too – this country is seriously weird.

I know that I am Canadian, but seriously guys, the systems that you have in place really don’t function that well at all, at least for those of us that are aware of a much better way.

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