Lets get one thing straight. Christmas or as I prefer to call it, Xmas is not about Jesus as so many Christians like to hold fast to.

Xmas is actually a conglomerate of pagan celebrations put together & then “adjusted” by Christians to be the holiday for the birth of Jesus, keeping many of the pagan traditions to entice the pagans over to Christianity, with varied amounts of success. Really it’s no different to the Queens birthday, she has a half a dozen different birthdays that I know of & sometimes even has a couple of different ones in the same country. It’s a day off, or if you have to work, a day of time & half pay or double time.

I think of the holiday season as a time for friends & family to come together & enjoy good company & good food. There is no “Christ” in my celebrations & if I actually believed that the holiday was about Jesus I wouldn’t celebrate it.

I see x-mas as a somewhat commercial holiday, like Valentines Day, Easter, even Birthdays & Anniversaries, which you celebrate with friends & family, even strangers at times, in part by buying gifts etc & by so doing propping up the economy in some manner.

I love to give gifts, it can be a challenge at times to find something, but the search is actually quite fun & then the warm tingly feeling you get when you have managed to find something that they really like, be it something made or bought, is priceless. So, I will be enjoying this holiday season for what it is, some time to spend with family & friends, no JC in this house!

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