Well over 100 Birthday wishes today, that’s a lot of people who took a few minutes out of their day to say Happy Birthday, thanks everyone, certainly feeling the love 🙂

(From Levi & Geoff) It's not the years in your life, it's the life in your years

I had an amazing day with my 2 boys. A few of our plans were thrown out the window, like going to a spa where they have hot tubs etc, but where we couldn’t take Levi  & then we planned to go to Montreal, but with the storm front coming in with such a huge dump of snow we decided against it & boy are we both happy we did. We weren’t 100% sold on the idea of going to Montreal anyhow, so no big loss. Both of us were of the opinion that it will be much nicer to do in the warmer summer months, so the storm saved us a few hours drive & money. We had a 15cm dump here & they were expected to get 15-25cm in Montreal today. The roads were a little crappy to drive on, so even if we made it up there ok, the drive back Saturday or Sunday would have been crappy, with a strong possibility that someone could clean us up when they slide across the road. Then there is the issue of pushing a pram in the snow & all that stuff.

Chicken Coop sign from Geoff

Day One of birthday celebrations….

This morning started with cuddles in bed, then we got up & got sorted to go out. I love Merrickville, so we went there first. It was beautiful with the snow stopping in at my favourite store, where Geoff & Levi bought me a couple of gifts. Geoff bought me a cute sign for my craft room, the idea of the area for my craft room was unveiled today too. We also discovered some awesome pine shelves that they bought from Ikea at the same store, which will be great for holding my crafting bits as well. Now we have a reason to visit one of the largest IKEA stores in North America (at the moment). The room will need a bit of work to complete & setup, but very exciting.

Levi gave me a little Happy Birthday sign (very cute) & another sign that I haven’t quite worked out where to put, which Geoff says suits me to a tee & describes how I live life in general. At the moment the sign is being “trialled” in different areas of the house to find the spot. Most likely it will end up in my crafting room, but it’s just as likely to end up here where my computer is setup.

We had lunch at the Yellow Canoe Cafe, which was nice. Both of us had some of their fresh made veggie soup, which was nice & warming. I was suitable impressed that the bathroom had a change table too. It makes such a difference when you don’t have to change him whilst sitting on a toilet, him balanced precariously on my legs or having to put him on the floor. The floor really sucks as Levi lifts his head up & down & ends up with a sore head as he tries to move around.

On the way home Geoff picked up some supplies to make a cake tomorrow 🙂

(From Levi) Happy Birthday Sign

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