Japan Earthquake One Year Later

It’s been a year since the Great East Japan Earthquake hit & life had a dramatic change for so many people, including Geoff’s brother & his wife Etsuko, who although they were living in Tokyo were still impacted by it.

Levi & Geoff at Great East Japan Earthquake Exhibit

A friend of ours, Igor, posted a link on FB so we organised to meet up with Igor & his family on the day that the exhibit opened (10th of March). We were actually the very first ones to see the exhibit, but that’s what happens when you are there at 10am on the dot. With the time zone difference we actually saw the exhibit on the same day (a year ago) that the big quake hit. The display was very moving, it wasn’t huge, but we spent a couple of hours there, reading everything & taking in all the images, both pictures taken of the devastation & rebuild, plus children’s drawings. The numbers that they had for confirmed dead were 15,853 & there are still 3, 282 people missing.

Children's Collage

ABOVE : Collage made of pipe cleaners, paint & fancy paper. The sky & earth show belief in peace. Flowers & houses remind us of happiness. Stars for the wonderful times ahead.
After the disaster students from Churchill Alternative School took part in a fund raising event (Kizuna Project) where each class produced a peice of art that was auctioned to parents to raise funds for people affected by the disaster.

Levi playing with Hana

They have a robotic seal called Hana at the embassy too, that you can see & interact with, which Levi was fascinated with. It was a nice way to finish our visit, after so much sadness.  The kids drawings were amazing too, I wish that I had taken some pictures of them, so bright & cheerful & full of hope for the future.

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