This weekend, we went off to Niagra Falls. A friend in Oz, knew someone over here in Canada who had a voucher they had bought that needed to be used for 2 nights accommodation. All that had to be paid was the taxes & parking (which worked out to $20 a night). We had a lovely room & the hotel was within walking distance of the falls, which was fantastic. I would definitely go back to Michael’s Inn Fallsview Hotel. We drove up Friday, catching up with my Aunt in Wainfleet for dinner at the local restaurant, which I had been to before with my Uncle in January. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any of the lamb I had last time, but I had a lovely steak with fries & veg. Geoff had the same but with mashed potato instead of fries. It was nice to catchup with my Aunt, who seemed to be doing a bit better than last time I saw her in January.

Levi & his great aunt Deb

Levi managed to mash his cloth book with the teething edges into his right eye pretty good, so we had a visit to the hospital in Welland. We had been warned by the locals NOT to go to Niagra, unless you wanted to die. Rumour has it that 8 people have died from cardiac arrests in the last year (which could have been prevented), so we decided NOT to go there. The standing joke is that you go to Niagra Hospital to die. The staff there were great & we were in & out in no time at all. I was still getting him registered & the Doctor had already been in to see him & said that he should be fine, we just might want to invest in a humidifier for Levi to help with dryness of his eyes.

US at the falls

It was really nice being within walking distance to the falls. Now we have seen the falls in Winter, Fall & Spring, we just have to see them in Summer sometime & we will have seen the falls year round. Niagra Falls is really all there is to see in the city. NF is a tourist trap of a town & is a bit of a shit hole, not in the Varanassi (India) type of shit hole, it’s just very commercial & not relaxing at all. 😛 Once we had seen the falls we drove through the botanical gardens & out to Niagra On The Lake, which was lovely. NBTL is a little bit like Merrickville (near us) or Handorf & other older style towns, it’s quaint & lovely. It’s very cute that they think of that area as a fantastic wine growing area & advertise it as such, if you haven’t tasted good wine & know no different I guess it might be passable for some. I don’t consider myself to be that much of a wine snob in Australia, but I think we come across as snobs here, it really is awful shitty stuff though.

We had dinner on Saturday night at NF, found a lovely place called Mai Thai, not only was the food fantastic, but the staff were amazing too. They didn’t bat an eye with my allergies & I enjoyed an array of my favourite Thai dishes. I look forward to going back there again. 🙂

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