Reena & Harmon - excited about the egg hunt!

What an awesome Easter we had.

Friday Mike, Reena & Harmon came to visit & I organised an Easter egg hunt for everyone. I hid 167 eggs around the property, chocolate eggs, not hard boiled. Well actually, I also hid rabbit jubes wrapped in foil too. Harmon is allergic to all nuts, so I individually wrapped a bag of chocolate eggs that were nut free (as I couldn’t find any to buy that were individually wrapped). I just used regular alfoil, which was quite fun. I didn’t hide any underneath things, but I did hide them in rather obscure places, like in the bark of the trees etc. It was Mikes first egg hunt & Levi’s too. I have done an egg hunt with hard boiled eggs, but this was much more satisfying, NO-ONE wants to eat that many hard boiled eggs, but tiny chocolate eggs with a few bigger ones added in here & there, that’s not so bad 🙂

Reena & Levi looking concerned over a card played in MunchkinEveryone stayed for dinner & afterwards we played a game of Super Munchkin, which is always fun. There are several versions of the game Munchkin & eventually we will get one of our own, will have to workout which one we are getting at some point. Last time Geoff & I played we both tied a win for the game. This time though no matter how hard we all tried to defeat Mike, he still managed to take the win. It was a very good game though & I look forward to playing it again. 🙂

Playing Munchkin

Saturday we headed over to Quebec to spend the weekend with Xavier, Jess & little Eleanore.

Jess Xavier Eleanore, Geoff & Levi (out for sushi)

Jess loves to cook, so on the weekend we were spoilt with several course meals every night & not just one dessert either, there was always a few to eat, I of course had to sample them all. The theme for the weekend was Maple Syrup & the aim was to eat so much that we all got sick. It took a bit, but I finally got there Sunday night. We even managed to squeeze in a trip for some sushi on the weekend, which was nice.

It was an awesome weekend all round, made all the better for the awesome company that we had. Hope that you all enjoyed a Happy Easter too! 🙂

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