Giving Birth

There is an illusion that most people have, that once you give birth things pretty much return to normal. Most things did for me, my uterus shrunk back to it’s normal size & I was back to wearing all my old clothes (except for tops) within weeks.

A fibroid was discovered on my left ovary whilst I was pregnant with Levi, so I have been having a few ultrasounds to check up on it. Last week I had my last one & it was good news, it has shrunk (ready for the next pregnancy – hehehehe).

So far so good, but not everything is as easy as that with me – Damn it!

As most know, I had to have an episiotomy, as Levi came out face up & things just weren’t big enough down there. I was told that things would be a bit “tight” so have some wine to help me relax. With breastfeeding it can make you dry too, so I was advised to use some lube. Well, over 7.5 months since he was born & no matter how much I tried to drink & lube up, it didn’t work, hell I can’t even use tampons, it’s so damn painful.

I didn’t want to make a big thing of it, so I hung in there. I was determined to make this work & if not, at least know I gave it one decent shot before having to trouble my OBGYN. Today was that day, I was asked if I had tried having a few drinks, Yes, Have you tried lube, Yes. How sore is it, pretty damn sore … blah blah blah….

Now I know why it is so friggin sore, apparently the protective skin covering NEVER grew back from where I was cut & stitched up. It certainly hasn’t been from having too much sex, although there are needs, pain often outweighs any need for that. If I actually got to the stage where I would have a drink with the idea of getting some action, I would usually end up being a complete wimp, but there were a few times where I followed through, needs sometimes DO outweigh pain :P.

So now I am trying a cream & have been given the name of a physiotherapist, whom I will have to see in a week or so, if there is no progress. Who would have thought that there were physiotherapists who specialise in that part of the anatomy. Not really sure what they do exactly, but I am somewhat curious.

I’m somewhat relieved to know that there really wasn’t much that I could have done. OK, except for maybe trying to see her sooner. Honestly, I am not a fan of Dr’s, she’s great, but really, not a fan of Dr’s. I would much rather do something else. Then again in finally seeing her, it will enable me to do something else in a less painful manner & that’s kinda cool. Levi might not end up being an only child after all, if this all works out. 🙂

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  1. Shannon says:

    *sigh* I’m terrible about keeping up on these, I wish it would e-mail me when there’s a new post as I’m always checking e-mail, but since it’s on my Google page, which I rarely check, I get a whole whack-load of things to back-read at once.

    I’m really sorry to hear about this! That sounds really tough to have dealt with for so long. Has the cream helped any and/or did you ever find out what the physiotherapist does for such a thing? O_o I’m pretty confused by that one, hehe.

    • twoemu says:

      I am still persevering with the cream, although I’m thinking that I might have to see the physio about it. I really don’t get what they can do that’s going to help any better than the cream though. I will give it until I get back from my road trip (which is the end of this month) & if it hasn’t healed, then I guess I should investigate what it is that they can do. 😛

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