Happy Baby

I thought that Levi had been teething a bit, he has been drooling like crazy again & had been a bit grumpy of late, which I admit doesn’t help my mood very much, especially when I have been so tired. This morning though, I had my suspicions confirmed. He has had 2 teeth break through his gums at the top & it looks like one of his front top teeth is close to pushing through too (the 2 front teeth are nasty as they are so big, so they REALLY hurt). He gets a runny nose & a bit of diarrhoea just before he cuts teeth, which he had the last time, so I guess that those are my cues in future. He’s never been one to get a fever, which is nice.

My baby boy!

Levi is growing so fast. He’s now walking, although he still needs to have some form of security & won’t walk without holding onto something, so he walks along the walls a lot & moves between furniture. Today he worked out that the stools that we have are great to slide across the floor, so he was using a couple of them today as walkers. He won’t touch his car/ walker thing that he has, as it moves too quickly with the wheels on it. I think that eventually he will use it, but he’s not quite ready for it yet.

I have been out & about with Levi non-stop for the last 3 weeks, so today it was nice for both of us to stay at home & do virtually nothing. I cleaned some of the floors & attempted to fold laundry, which was an effort in futility as Levi decided to “help” & I pretty much need to start all over again. I had a couple of naps with him on the couch too & we had lots of cuddles today, read some books & played. It was just a really nice day. I tried feeding him & today he decided that he could do it himself, so he ate lots of avocado, some nectarine & mum mum’s. I did get some pumpkin soup into him with rice cereal mixed in, but not as much as I normally do, when he is happy to be fed. It’s not like he’s starving. We had a lot of breastfeeding today too, so he’s good.

I hope that tomorrow is filled with as much laughter & fun as today was. LOVE my little boy, Levi, he is such a cutie! xo

Now that he is tucked up in bed, it’s time to finish cleaning the floors & do the laundry & other cleaning, plus get ready for the weekend!

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