Felt food making

I have been doing some research for different felt foods that I can make for Levi & also for his friends that have birthday’s coming up very soon, these sites are inspiration for me, some of them have been made really well

Felt fruit tree –  I like the idea, but I think that it needs a little tweaking. Perhaps some felt (that has been coloured to blend in) would work to help add & remove fruit from the tree. I like the idea, but not 100% sure about the design

In a similar vein, here is a Banana tree. Not a fan of the white velcro patches on it & the trunk needs some work, but all in all, not that bad really.

The Petite Cafe, has lots of really good tutorials on felt food

Another blog with felt making food information

Needle & Spatula, very cute food

Playing with your food, they have heaps of great patterns, I fell in love the with the popcorn & it’s so easy to make, sushi wasn’t bad either

Felt mushrooms,  again I think that it might need some tweaking, as a design

Helping Little Hands, felt food tutorial (bread, banana & much much more)

Making felt food with kids

Link to 11 tutorials for making felt food

In the process, I found this cool site with info on how to make little tins for playtime & remaking play food boxes for play, which is really quite cute.

So there you have it, this is more of a post for me to return to, rather than anything else, but if you are interested in craft & doing things like this, as I am, then there are a few sites for you to check ot & become inspired from.


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