On the drugs

Finally at 7.30pm tonight I started the drugs for Strep. – wohoo! By drugs I mean meds, but I do like the slang used in North America to refer to pills. Within 24hrs, I will officially  be no longer contagious – wohoo! I am starting to think that maybe when my Dr said that I was no longer contagious, she just meant that once I started taking stuff I wouldn’t be & who would have thought that it would have taken almost 36hrs for me to actually get something that I could have.

Bit of a bummer I had to pay a bit for it, instead of the typical $8 I would have paid for the original medication, I was charged $30! Not a huge surprise, it’s a lot cheaper to add other fillers in that I’m allergic to & they don’t normally order from the pharmaceutical company that they had to, to get my medication. I was told that I had to pay extra for it to be there by noon & it wasn’t by a long shot, but in the end I was just wanted the stupid pills. I must be losing my edge, normally I would have said something but I think my Canadian persona is becoming more evident, either that or I have underestimated how crappy I feel, coz I just paid it, hope that we get some money back from Geoff’s health plan. At any rate, I really hope that it works. 🙂

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