Thanksgiving Weekend!

Busy long weekend planned!

Tomorrow, Levi goes to another 1st Birthday Party. This time it’s for a neighbours kid, Elliott, who lives 2 doors down from us. Odds are that I won’t be going, as I suspect that I might still be contagious, I shouldn’t have been if I had been able to get the medications over 36hrs ago, but such is life. Looks like Geoff is going to head over with Levi to make an appearance. I really don’t want to be the one that everyone points fingers at as being the one that gave everyone Strep (although chances are I wouldn’t, but I would rather be safe than sorry). This time tomorrow night I will officially be able to say that I’m no longer contagious.

Sunday, is Geoff’s birthday & we are also having friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving, in a rather non-traditional fashion; Sushi & Portuguese Chicken. My mouth waters just thinking of all the food. I have pumpkins to make pumpkin pie (see how that goes & whether it happens or not). Have to workout when everyone is coming, there will be 8 of us. Might do a bonfire on Sunday as well. Feeling pretty chuffed that Levi & I managed to find something useful for Geoff too. I don’t like to buy gifts for the sake of getting a gift, there has to be a reason, a use for it. What Levi & I found today (which I can’t mention, because if I do, then Geoff will probably read my blog now & I will spoil the surprise) was something that we have been looking for, for a while. I hope that he likes it because it was a HUGE pain in the arse to setup tonight (ready for Sunday).

Monday’s, I no longer work (due to daylight savings change & me needing Geoff to look after Levi) so we are planning some time to chill as a family, before Tuesday & the week starts to get hectic again.

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  1. twoemu says:

    At the time I wrote this I didn’t realise that it was as late as it was, so the birthday party is actually today (Saturday) not tomorrow. Sent them off earlier. I’m getting ready for tomorrow’s thanksgiving festivities with friends, Geoff’s birthday & doing some laundry 🙂
    Sent Geoff with the camera, so hopefully he gets a few pictures that I can share later on 🙂

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