Wohoo! We have repacked the basement! It took me the better part of a week to do, but it’s done. Now I just have to do some cleaning & decorating & it should be all ready for Levi’s birthday party on next weekend (a weeks time from today actually).

A couple of months back I was optimistic that the weather might be nice enough to have the kids outside as much as possible, but as the date came ever closer, I realised that, that was probably an unrealistic expectation & that we should do something about it.

Friends are helping us out with furnishings too (as the basement is pretty bare, except for the boxes). Charles has a love seat & a sofa that he no longer needs, so Lisa, Chris & Charles are going to bring that up early Sunday morning (the day of Levi’s birthday) which we will setup downstairs. Jenny said that her mum has some tables & chairs that we should be able to use, so we’re borrowing them & then I am borrowing some dishes from people as well.

Because Levi is the last of his friends to have a birthday party, I have been offered all the party decorations to use too (borrowing) so we save a bit there too. It’s nice, although we don’t really have any family close by to help out with things, even just little things like helping to look after Levi or helping to make food, we have some amazing friends, who are all stepping forward to help with what they can.

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