I haven’t even had a chance to review my hopes & aspirations for last year, but I can certainly say that Levi has kept us busy, in a good way. This last year has taught me just how much longer it takes to do things with a kid & patience. Lots of patience, I think that I could still learn how to have  more patience, but it’s a slow process 🙂

Levi has grown up so fast, from the start of 2012, when he was only a couple of months old & unable to do much at all, now he is a little toddler, who runs around, gives hugs & other forms of affection freely, brightening every day. He eats like a horse, always happy to try something new & he doesn’t share my allergies, which is awesome!

We managed to do a few projects around the house, still more to do of course, but we seem to be starting to settle into life here a bit more. We have had more time for us & what we want to do, unlike the previous year, which has been amazing. We worked in our gardens, planting our first veggie patch & even some bulbs for in the spring, patched up the driveway, fixed the mailbox (which the plow has since hit again), cut down some trees, fixed up the woodshed area & hung some curtains (only 2 sets, but we will get there). Geoff also setup some shelving in the basement, which is nice. Its slowly becoming a HOME!

This year we also caught up with friends & family from overseas & around Canada last year. I almost saw all my family here in Canada, who speak to me. Still have my grandfather’s ashes, & at this rate I probably still will by the end of 2013, dysfunctional doesn’t even describe it.

All in all though, it’s been a pretty good year, hard to believe that it’s already done. Lets see what 2013 brings 🙂

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