One week

One week, that’s all we have, before we head over to Oz & Levi gets to meet friends & family in the flesh. Hard to believe that it’s happening so soon. We have been wanting to go back to Oz for a visit for a little while, especially since Levi was born so that he can not only meet family & friends, but so that they can meet him too & here we are, it’s actually happening.

As we have all been a bit sick of late, we have gotten a little behind with organising things for the trip. However, we have managed get our passports together (we have 5, with Levi & I having both Canadian & Australian passports), found our driver’s licences (Aussie ones) & gotten our flight details together.

I just have to workout how to get everything packed that we want to bring/ need to. I think it’s going to require some pretty awesome packing skills, but all my games of tetris might come in handy in a more practical manner.

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