Little helper

Levi is growing up so fast & he’s becoming a fantastic little helper. He tries to help sweep the floors, although the big broom (normal size for me) seems to be a bit hard for him to manage, making for some hilarious moments. He likes to help with other cleaning, I wash the floor by hand, so he usually grabs a cloth & try to help, not to mention play in the water & eat the bubbles from the dish soap, much to my disdain. I suspect that my technique for washing the floor might need to be re-assessed as the pregnancy progresses.

Today, he helped me with the grocery shopping. I normally try to get him into the seat section of the cart, but today he didn’t seem to want to do that, so I left it. Instead, I let him help push the cart around & put groceries into the cart. He had some definite opinions on how much of some things I should get, so we ended up with a couple more of some things as compared with what I actually had in mind, but it all worked out, at least I had a list to maintain some focus on what had to be gotten. 🙂 LOVE lists!

I think he’s going to be a fantastic little helper when Sprout arrives 🙂

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