wood stashSo, I have started to get things ready for the storm, yesterday I carted in 4 wagon loads of wood to the garage, using Levi’s wagon 🙂

Today, I am getting other things ready;
* Esky from downstairs to put food in to keep cold that I will want to use, so that I don’t have to keep opening the fridge (I’ll just use some snow & ice to keep things cool, not like there will be a shortage, or that there even is now)
* Containers of water for drinking
* Water for flushing the toilet
* Candles & Matches, spread out around the place (we really need some torches)
*Washing all the laundry & dishes that were left over from yesterday & putting them away, so that I have those things available & know where they are if needed over the coming days
*Cleaning out the fireplace of all the ashes & setting it up ready to burn, so that the transition from the furnace to wood burning is a smooth one & bringing in at least a load of wood.
*Fuel stove to do some cooking
*Organising food for the coming days, if we lose power it’s unlikely that I will be just for one day, see what we have & get any other food, if needed

As crap as I feel, it’s just me to look after Levi & I (& Sprout) so best suck it up & get onto it

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  1. twoemu says:

    Amazing how long it takes to do things, I feel like I am rushing around, (I needed a break, so decided to do an update)but, I know that the reality is that I’m not, it’s just my body isn’t up to task.

    So far I have;
    * Found the fuel stove & one full fuel canister, not sure it’s enough, but I don’t want to go out if I can help it
    * Managed to locate a lighter, but no matches & found some candles
    * Emptied the ashes from the fireplace & set it up ready to go with some wood brought in
    * Taken out all the compost (to date)
    * Washed 2 loads of laundry with a 3rd being done now (the first load is still being dried in the dryer)
    * 12L of drinking water all in bottles & ready (hopefully that’s enough)
    * 1L of chamomile tea brewed & cooling to drink (as a change from water)
    * Looked through some of the cupboards & concluded that because I don’t feel up to going out we can live on tinned corn & indian curry sauce for a couple of days if need be (BLAH!!!)
    * Cooked lunch (which I am eating as I type), rice with garlic prawns
    * Put a load of dishes on in the dishwasher….

    There’s still MUCH MUCH more to do though & Levi just woke up from his nap….

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