Gruffalo inspired food

Seeing as I have already put up a post about other parts of the party, I thought that I might put up something about the food ideas that I have for Levi’s Gruffalo inspired party. I’m trying not to get too focused on the food in terms of trying to cook on the day. The last thing I want to be doing is running around trying to organise food, instead of just enjoying the party, unlike last year, but that also had to do with the number of people who came as well – HOLY CRAP!

I’m aiming to try to get most of the food organised in advance, so that all that has to be done is for it to be warmed or just chucked out as is 🙂 Chucked out as it is, is obviously the preferred way to go.

There are a few maybe’s in terms of the “themed” foods such as;
Poisonous Warts : green grapes
Gruffalo Eyes (Orange eyeballs): rockmelon/ cantelope (melon) balls
Purple Prickle Jelly/ Juice: blackcurrant jello/ jelly or a grape juice (obviously watered down for the little ones)

The main ones that are mentioned in the book, foodwise that the Gruffalo & mouse talk about eating are;
Roasted fox, owl ice cream, scrambled snake, mouse tasting good on bread & gruffalo crumble. Those 5 themed foods are the most important to replicate in some form & my main focus, so here are the ideas that I have brainstormed/ found other people to have done for their Gruffalo themed parties

Roasted Fox
Chicken nuggets
Roast chicken
little boys
hot dogs
roast ham
corned beef
My favourites from that list are hot dogs, roast ham & corned beef (probably in reverse order). Corned beef is a favourite for Levi as well as ham & hot dogs. Ham is a possibility because I will have just had Sprout, so I can actually do cold cuts. I could possibly get a shoulder of ham & slice it up, so no cooking .. bonus 🙂

Owl Ice Cream
Yonannas in a cone or bowl with choc chips pushed into slices of banana for the eyes
Also something that can mostly be done in advance 🙂

Scrambled Snake
Mac & Cheese (I have a recipe for some vegan cheese I can substitute for the cheese part & of course there’s rice macaroni or spiral pasta)
Green jello all broken up a bit like scrambled egg
Rice Krispie squares with green food dye
Jello is super easy to make the day before too & if I forget, well it looks like we are having popcorn or Rice Krispie squares

Mouse on bread
Maybe just slices of bread for people to have with ham, corned beef or hot dogs …. this one I’m a little hesitant about because everything up to this point I will be able to eat. I could attempt to make some GF, DF, EF bread (Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free) but not had much success with that. UNLESS, I make some banana bread, that people just eat on it’s own?

Gruffalo Crumble
Apple crumble
GF muesli, but put into little cupcake pan sizes, instead of a big dish that is then cut
The later (home-made muesli bars/ clusters) is a favourite & again can be done the day before.

I need to make some little signs for each dish as well, but that should be pretty simple to do 🙂

Because it looks like the party will take place from 11-2 & therefore a meal is included in that time, there will be a few other bits of food required to help fill people up & here are just a few idea’s I have for that side of things
Salads: Pasta, Garden, Potato
Drinks: Juice, water, soft drink (?), iced tea….
Dips: Hummus, Guacamole
Veggies for dipping etc: Carrots, capsicum (peppers), celery, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms
Chips: Multigrain scoops for dips & other corn chips, plain chips
Fruit: Watermelon, blueberries (other berries), grapes…..
The fruit & veg will really be dependant on what I can get that’s in season/ looking ok when I go shopping of course 🙂

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