It appears some corn survived the repeated deer trampling the other week & now have tiny little cobs of corn on some of the stalks. We also have zucchini this year, (not yellow bumpy squash that we ended up with last year), found a nice little one on a vine today – wohoo! More veg out there, but mozzies were fierce, so it was a rather quick visit, definitely no weeding.

Anything we get this year is a bonus. Love that we managed to plant the garden this year, but it has certainly been hard keeping up with it whilst being pregnant. Ah well, next year should be easier, even if it will be with 2 little ones, at least only one of them should be completely mobile & I will be able to bend over & do some more strenuous work than what my body is allowing me to do now. Pretty sad when I can’t even mow the lawn with the ride-on mower. Oh well, only a couple more months to go 🙂

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