Felt Board

I originally made Levi a large felt board using some cardboard from a box that we got some ikea furniture in ages ago, but it didn’t last very long, so a couple of weeks ago I took down the rather bent board, pulled off the felt & was on the lookout for something else a bit more sturdy to use as a base.

Front of the board mounted pictureI came up with the idea of using a canvas & stretching/ gluing the felt onto the frame, but after looking around I couldn’t find any of a substantial size where they didn’t want $20 or more & was starting to get a bit discouraged. Then yesterday I decided to go into a 2nd hand store (I was actually looking for some clothing for his prop box) & came across an awesome find, old board mounted pictures. Not only sturdy, but cheap to get, the one that I picked up was $3, a great example of reusing someone else’s trash into treasure. 🙂

Materials; board, scissors, glue gun, feltHere’s the materials I used;
* board mounted picture, OR you could use a piece of MDF
* scissors
* felt
* glue gun & glue (+ piece of cardboard to sit it on in case it dripped any glue)


Start by glueing the cornersI started by gluing the corners in, starting bottom right, top left, bottom left & top right to try to make sure that the felt was pulled tight. I didn’t put any glue on the front of the board, as I didn’t want to have the issue of the felt going hard & clumpy & then having issues with felt & Velcro backed (laminated) images not sticking to the board.


Back all gluedThen it was just a case of pulling up all the sides. There was a groove at the top to hang from, which I made sure to glue the felt into & around so that it could still be used to hang from. The piece of felt I used was recycled from another felt board, so it doesn’t look as great from the back, but my theory is you aren’t going to see it anyhow. You could always cut another piece of felt & glue it over the top to cover it, if you really wanted to.

Here’s the finished project …. my little guy loves it (that & the glue gun sticks) 🙂

Happy with his felt board, just did The Very Hungry CaterpillarFelt board all finished (front)

All done for well under $10 🙂 As for time it took to make, it took me longer to compile the pictures & this blog post than it did the actual felt board 🙂

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