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Finally!!! I managed to post my Canon point & shoot camera back to Canon to fix under warranty today. This is the 2nd time I have had one of their camera’s break under warranty, so not terribly impressed. The first time it happened was whilst we were travelling in Laos & what an adventure that was trying to find a legit camera in Asia. It took us a whole day to get one, when we could have been sight seeing :S I was not impressed & I certainly couldn’t afford to post it back to Canon & get them to fix it & then post it back as A/ I would have no idea where I would be & B/ Um I get a camera to take pictures, not to break on me, & when you are travelling you want pictures NOW, moments in time don’t just stop because you don’t have a camera. AURGH!!!! At that time it was the lens that crapped out.

So a couple of months ago, Mayfest to be exact when I discovered my camera was broken, I was less than impressed. I only bought the camera in January, so in less than 6 months it died. What sort of crap are they selling? I could only take pictures where there was a decent amount of light (ie mostly outdoors directly in the sun) otherwise I was taking BLACK pictures. I tried returning to Best Buy where it was bought & they could send it for me, but it would take about a month to get it back to me, repaired … A MONTH?!!?? We had D coming over from Australia & I wanted to have a camera, so I delayed sending it. Very dumb thing to do, because I really couldn’t use my camera very much at all. I missed taking so many pictures because my camera just couldn’t cope & collected even more BLACK photo’s & even more frustration.

Last week I finally managed to call Canon & was told that I would have to log a repair note with them online (could have done that ages ago if I had known) & that it would only take 7-10 business days from the time they receive it to fix it & get it back to me. I packaged it up & was hoping to send it off Friday, but it didn’t happen until Tuesday. In the end I just posted it with Canada Post & it was a lot cheaper than I anticipated, with insurance & registered post, it was $12 including tax.

I do hope that Canon does actually fix it in a timely manner & get it back to me. I bought the camera not only so that I would  have something to use when we went back to Australia earlier in the year to see family, but to take pictures of a rather active Toddler, my growing belly & of course the arrival of Sprout in a few weeks time. So unimpressed by my experience with lemon cameras with the Canon brand plastered all over them, that I think I my many years of loyalty to them will be coming to an end when it comes to replacing this one (hopefully that doesn’t have to happen as soon as the warranty is up on the blasted thing).

FYI the latest camera is a PowerShot A4000 IS

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