This evening is swimming classes, which means I get an hours worth of time to myself. The first few times I had to drive Levi into town & drop him off for class, but a couple of weeks ago, Geoff was able to start getting home first & then take Levi in, which has been really nice & gives me a full hour to myself. Wohoo!

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I really don’t get much time to myself & with no family around to help out there is no reprieve that way either. Although it does inspire me NOT to turn my back on my kids for petty ideals. I never really know until 4pm or even a bit later, whether or not I will have that full hour or not though, as Geoff doesn’t necessarily know if he will be able to get out of work in time, which is a bit of a bummer, but at least I get a little time. Levi only has swimming classes for another 3 more classes after tonight. in some ways I wish that they would go on a bit longer, but the weather is certainly cooling down too, so it’s probably best they are indeed finishing soon.

I would have made more of an effort to enjoy summer if I'd known it would only last 3 weeksSpeaking of weather cooling down, here is something I came across on FB, which I thought was amusing. The nice 30+C weather (we only got as high as 34C) lasted for a couple of days & now we are back to 20C weather, anywhere from 20-27C (today was 27C, after this it’s predicted to be low 20’s here on out). On the bright side, at least snow hasn’t come yet. Summer in Canada was never ever going to compare to an Australian summer after all. But don’t tell the locals that, some actually believe it gets hotter than it does. :s

Perhaps I can convince Geoff to try to come home a bit earlier on Wednesdays a while longer, so that I can do some craft stuff downstairs & he can cook those nights after his classes finish??? i don’t seem to have any energy left at the very end of the day, after Levi is in bed to do much, so it could be a solution, at least for now. Will see how we go. 🙂

For now though, I think that I will actually need to stop writing, get up off the couch & get some more done on dinner. Tonight we are having a thai curry, probably green, with rice & perhaps even a nice tom yum soup 🙂 Rice is already done & keeping warm in the rice cooker, now to cook the rest of it & hope that Geoff & Levi get home at just the right time, so it isn’t overcooked.

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