Another Jab

Off to get another jab today. Although the Rhogam doesn’t necessarily stop any bleeding that you get whilst pregnant, it will at least help to stop my body from rejecting this pregnancy & any there after (although this is the last one we are planning). To date I have had 3 small bleeds.

Leaving a little earlier today & going to use the extra time to do some errands, whilst I am up that way 🙂

Not only getting some groceries, because in some ways where we live is “shitsville nowhere” but a few things for Levi’s party & other crafting bits I need 🙂

The day started with a little surprise … Yesterday, I decided to put the container of animal food outside the back door. This morning I found the raccoon/s (not sure if there is more than one) had dragged it off into the gazebo, a good 4-5 metres away down a step along the way. Surprisingly the container was still in tact & covered in dirty paw prints. Happy they didn’t get into it, but suspect that it’s only a matter of time. Animals really are such clever little things.

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