Today I managed to learn something new. Store bought piñata’s are generally pre-made to fit small candies & little toys in them NOT crackers, boxes of raisins, oatmeal cookies etc.

I had been told that Bulk Barn carried them, so checked out what they had today, I found a bumble bee & butterfly (which could possibly work), but there was no way that the size of the hole provided to use to fill it up would actually allow me to put anything in it that I wanted to, not to mention that if I could find a way to put some of the things in there, I might only get half a dozen snack packs of biscuits or the like in there & when you are expecting more than half a dozen kids to start (albeit they are little people) it seems a bit rude to ask them to open their packets & share them with each other. So it looks like I will be making a piñata from scratch so that I can make sure that it’s big enough.

Not that I’m annoyed with that idea, in fact it’s a great excuse to do some more crafting, which I have been a little short on for a while. I always seem to find myself too busy to do what I love. I can’t do a lot of Auslan interpreting, which I love, but I can do crafting. My biggest issue is that I don’t tend to set aside the time or push to get some time to myself, like I should. Getting pregnant again & having all the hormones coursing through my body has given me that kick in the pants to do what I love more that I have been doing to date.

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