Friday’s Happenings

Woke up to find our container of food had been dragged to the compost pile (still closed & intact, although with a heap more dirty paw prints on it). Starting to wonder if it is only one raccoon or if he has a friend?

Did some errands before going to the Library for storytime, including getting all the crap to put inside the piñata & collecting another book that I ordered from the book depository last week (one more to go & it isn’t released until the end of the month. Enjoyed storytime  & then had a nice playdate with Chloe starting off with some playtime in the library, before lunch & some grocery shopping together. Came home. then had to go out again because I had been asked to get a belt sander on sale by Geoff, so that he can work on getting the deck ready to be refinished etc. Apparently I need to read text messages more often.

Grabbed the sander & got some ear protection for Levi on the mower (better than the little ear buds we were using, that had a tendency to pop out). Then popped into bulk barn to look at their selection of piñata’s & grab some other bits. Decided if I want to do a piñata for Levi, I will have to make it, because nothing there even came that close to working. Levi was fairly charming too, managing to get himself a free lollie from the girls in the shop, cheeky little guy.

Also managed to make some chicken & veg soup, with a little leftover to freeze & save for later (most likely after Sprout makes an appearance). Doing some exploration in the garden revealed that we have some cucumbers & zucchini ready to eat. To date we have found a few things that have survived the many deer & other animal excursions through the garden, which is surprising. There’s dill, basil, cucumbers, a small amount of corn, zucchini, coriander, carrots, spring onions & some other viney plants (not sure what they are, as they are still flowering, possibly some butternut pumpkin, watermelon & cantelope) there’s also some small tomato plants, but they still aren’t actually flowering yet, so unlikely to get anything off them in time. Something has been eating the tops of the sunflowers & now the carrots, but hey, it’s all good. All in all, not too bad for a garden that the wildlife like to frequent & that I have been unable to maintain like I did last year, due to being pregnant again this year. It’s been great to show Levi how we get some of our food too 🙂

I also managed to do some more crafting stuff for Levi’s party, completing another phase of The Gruffalo themed matching game that I have been working on for the loot bags. If this weekend continues like today has, it promises to be a very productive weekend 🙂

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