wet wet wet

Pee pee everywhere.

Just when I thought that little bugger (Levi) had already perfected the black mail pee, he surprises me with another level of blackmail. He can pee on the toilet & will, but he also completely understands how to use his bodily fluids to his advantage if he is annoyed or just can’t be assed/ wants attention. He knows that if he wets his pants, then more time needs to be taken to clean him up & the mess, so nap time or bed time can be significantly pushed back, especially if done on his bed.

If you pee on the floor it’s pretty fun to splash in as well, something that he hasn’t done for a while, but is now back to doing again. It was a bit better when he wasn’t using the potty, but now he loves peeing on it (more sitting on it & not bothering to make sure his willy is pointed down & pissing all over the floor). How long does this phase last???

This has been my day, as well as looking after Emily. Geoff’s trying to clean up some of the leaves that have been sitting in the yard & tomorrow is Monday bringing with it another round of Dr’s visits. It’s going to be one very long week! I seriously need a break.

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