Toilet Training

We are back on the wagon with toilet training at the moment – wohoo! Just before Emily was born we took a bit of a backwards step & he flatly refused to sit on the toilet, we had blackmail poops (although not as much, he really doesn’t like to poop in his pants) & pees galore, of course he also refused nappies, which made the whole experience even worse. We convinced him to wear pull ups & we had waterproof pants to go over his undies, but boy was it a struggle to go through it.

Today was pretty awesome, even with the whole spectacular failure that occurred at the library. I still tend to put him in pull-ups when we are out, just incase an accident occurs. He went to the toilet just before storytime started & did a massive pee & then about 15 minutes in he walked up to me (was sitting at the front previous) & I noticed a fountain of pee coming out of his pants (yes, like a water fountain). Pull ups only work if all the necessary bits are covered & his willy was sticking out of the top. I rushed him to the toilet & he did another massive pee. Maybe I should have made him sit on the toilet a bit longer, or maybe we needed to go a few minutes later so that he did it all at once, but in the end accidents happen & that was the only one all day. So much for the pull-up as a backup 😛

I thought that he did exceptionally well, as we were out all day. He had a pee at the library, then we drove to the city & he did another one at the toilet at my OBGYN’s, then did another couple at Target. With each good day like today, I feel like we are getting closer to the point where he is completely toilet trained.

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