I’m so looking forward to it being Friday, this week has been rather long & hard. Geoff was on the organising committee for an IT conference this week, so I have had some longer than normal days on my own.

Emily has been a little unsettled this week, I think it’s gas & Levi has had his moments as well. We had a couple of awesome days without any accidents & then today we had 4 HUGE wet incidents (one when he woke up, another after his nap, one after I put on a little bit of a DVD for him because he seemed to be redeaming himself for the 2 accidents previous & then one more at dinner). He did have a bit of the runs today (no accidents with that at all, just pee), so he drank a fair amount, but still I just wish we hadn’t had any of those accidents at all. Today was spent doing a bit more washing than normal, because I hate the smell of pee & I was sure that after the first accident we would have no more, then no more after the second etc.

I seem to be running from one to the other most of the time, very rare that they are both content at the same time. Emily cries because she has wet herself or needs to be held or fed. Levi needs help going to the potty/ toilet because getting his undies up or down, is harder for him to do with plastic pullup pants that go over the top. OR he wants food or drink, a book read, cuddles etc. It’s never-ending. There are certainly times that I wish that I was doing paid employment so that I could find some time to take a pee or have a few minutes to think, because it never stops when you are pretty much the principal caregiver.

Mostly I am so over tired, that any time that I do have, once I get them settled, I end up in an exhausted heap, falling asleep on the couch or in bed, only to be woken up shortly after by one of the kids needing something because they really weren’t asleep like I thought (usually Emily rather than Levi).

Finding time to make nice decent meals is hard, due to time & motivational limitations. At the moment one whole couch is covered in laundry to be folded & has been like that for about a week. Hell, I’m falling asleep trying to write this post. It’s never ending & a bit of a thankless job, not many people appreciate the efforts of stay-at-home parents. At least with a paid job you have holidays, there is no holiday from parenting, at least not when you have decided to be present for your kids.

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