Following the trend set by my last post by using a day of the week as a title, I thought I would call this one Saturday 😛

Amazing how much a little bit of help changes your mood. I was so tired & worn that in re-reading part of my last post I realised how cranky it had made me.

Today,we are expecting some friends/ framily (friends that have become like family) to come for a visit. It’s going to be another sushi making session … delicious!

We have spent most of the day thus far in getting the house sorted ready for visitors. I have been doing laundry NON stop, but hadn’t had much time to sort & put it away & every time I would start to fold it something would happen. Levi also discovered how fun it was to get into the laundry & have fun, so progress was not happening, until the morning. Sometimes it literally takes one of us to distract & entertain them & the other to do stuff & that’s pretty much how we have managed to get as much done as we have today. Good to finally have some of it sorted, frustrating that it took so long.

We’ve had a bit of snow today too, so Geoff’s plans of using the leaf blower to tidy up more of the leaves has been left for another time, because he can’t use the leaf blower (leaves too wet), apparently rakes are so yesterday 😛


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