So a while ago we had a couple of potty’s given to us. I wouldn’t have bought any because we have had some catastrophic disasters with Levi tipping out his pee or poop into the floor after he has gone. However, he knows what they are & has seen them at other people’s places, so when they were given to us & Levi started to get quite upset with going to the actual toilet because he was missing out on what was happening in the rest of the house, we gave in & let him have the option of using the toilet or the potty. It seems to have helped too, because he gets more excited about having options, not only as to which toilet he can use (we have 2 upstairs & one down) but also whether he uses one of the potty’s (again one up & one down) or the toilet.

This morning I was sorting through some stuff down stairs when he needed the potty. I’m in the mood to sort & chuck, getting rid of lots of boys clothes & coats etc that didn’t work for Levi with the seasons & now obviously won’t work for Emily either, as they are only a couple of weeks apart in terms of seasons. Anyhow, he wasn’t dry (which was a shame as he has had 4 dry days to date, starting last week) but still wanted to go & decided to do a poo on the potty, something that he only started to do in the last week (which really sucks because I hate cleaning up poo & still have to when he poops in the potty, but still better than having it squished all over his butt). He had brought some blocks over to play with & one accidentally fell into the bowl. He kept saying “block, block, block mummy & I thought that he was referring to the blocks he was playing with, until I saw (the potty downstairs is somewhat transparent) that he was referring to one that had fallen in, which was of course covered in poo. The whole reason I started putting him on the toilet to do his poops, was because I couldn’t handle cleaning up his poop when he started solids (something I’m not looking forward to with Emily) so having to fish a block out to clean it was horrible. I did it though, it’s going to be soaked in bleach, just as the potty will, but I have to admit I did contemplate just throwing it out – blah!

Ahh, the joys of toddlers & toilet training. At least he didn’t tip out his business all over the floor or in a container of bathe toys like he has in the past (at someone else’s house of course).

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