I wish I’d known …..

“I wish I had known that my children’s behavior was a language – that their actions and words were telling me something about what they were feeling or thinking.
I wish I’d remembered that they did not get up in the morning plotting to do things to frustrate me.
I wish I’d known that meltdowns and explosions usually meant that my kids were tired, or hungry, or bored or frustrated themselves.
I wish I’d known that they needed an adult to help them find the words to express what was troubling them. But they sure didn’t need a frustrated adult.
I wish I’d known more about child development, brain development and behaviour.
I wish I’d known that growing up is a slow process.
I wish I’d know how each development stage has its own way of seeing the world.
I wish I’d known the most times they saw things very differently from me.
I wish I’d listened more to what was true about their hearts and spirits and personalities than working about what other people thought of their behaviour.”

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Had Kids (That I Know Now)…
By Dawn Hallman, M. A. Dallas Association for Parent Education

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