Well, it’s a new year already. Hard to believe that 2013 is now a thing of the past.
It was a bit of a busy year, but I’m still going to try to see how much more I can cram into this one with 2 little ones 🙂

Last year we managed to get my knocked up, go to Australia, plant a huge garden, that became somewhat overgrown after the animals ransacked it (bending over to do weeding just didn’t happen, so after the ransacking I admit any little interest I had in maintaining it felt like a lost cause). We managed to get a few bigger purchases for the house including; a ride on mower, chainsaw, leaf blower, chest freezer & snowblower (amazing how far you can stretch your dollar when you are looking for sales etc). We welcomed Emily into the family in Oct (now there are 3 out of 4 birthdays for us in Oct), celebrated Levi’s 2nd birthday (a much smaller celebration than his first, where I went a little crazy & invited far too many people). Of note too is that the kids have been “adopted” as grandchildren of good friends & now have local grandparents, filling the gap of my family who choose not to be present in their lives. Both L & E also have a couple of uncles that came with the grandparent package, whom they adore dearly.

This year we are planning on going to the UK to see some of my extended family, from my mom’s side, which will be nice. I’ve found a few through Facebook, so it will be nice to meet face to face. As I’m not pregnant this year (& we don’t plan to have any more kids) this sound be a better year for getting stuff done out in the yard. Not a big fan of the HUGE amount of mozzies that you get here, so still have to find some sort of a solution to that issue to make being outdoors more pleasant, but hopefully we will get there eventually. I’m also hoping to do some more crafting, as it’s something that I enjoy. Who knows maybe I might even do a market if I can make enough stock to sell, otherwise I’ll just make lots of presents for people 🙂

Last year was a pretty good year overall, we had a few health scares, but it all came good in the end. Here’s hoping this coming year, 2014 will be just as awesome or just a little bit better 🙂

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