Before the year began I thought that I would look at things a bit differently. Instead of going into the new year with this grand list of things that I wanted to do, I’d pick something to achieve each month.

January’s big goal was to have some more variety in our eating. Often I think that you can get into a routine & whilst that can be good, it’s also pretty damn boring. I love food, which is somewhat ironic when I am allergic to as much as I am, but with 2 little ones, I find that I just want to make something super easy to eat & if that means a big pot of soup, curry or something else that lasts for several days, so be it. The issue with that, is that it gets BORING rather fast & then you find yourself eating because you have to, more so than eating because you want to, but it is pretty easy.

The biggest issue with pushing ourselves to have different meals every night (leftovers were ok if eaten the next day for lunch) was that it made going out to see friends a bit of a pain, because you were trying not to have something that you might have when out & we did come undone with that one, when we had sushi at a friends house, after we had, had a friend over for sushi earlier in the month. It was also a gigantic pain when you just felt like something that you had, had the night before or even a couple of weeks before. Yes, it did introduce a couple of new recipes into our mix, but overall it made us realise just how much variety we do in general have with what we eat.

February = Creativity

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