The Valentine Tree

28 days of creativity is the goal for this month, it can be any sort of creativity too, writing, sewing, even cooking I guess if I so desire after last month … crafting of any sort.

The first started on a Saturday, so that was a bit of a bonus, although I had hoped that Geoff would have looked after the kids a bit more than he did (he decided to work on his climbing wall) I did have a few brief moments of peace (mostly nap times) 😀

I found a lovely idea for the kids felt board with a rhyme, entitled The Valentine Tree, on a site called Busy Crafting Mommy & then set about making my own.

Valentine Tree for kids crop

The rhyme (which is linked above, all ready to print as a PDF) calls for several different types of hearts. They were the simplest thing to make, hearts of lace involved cutting two hearts, a white one, bigger than the coloured heart to sit within it. I notched it a bit with scissors to make it appear as if it was lace & hot glued them together (later I added some velcro to the back to make sure they stick, as they are heavier than the other hearts). The hearts with flowers were a mix of some scrapbooking satin(ish) flowers & ones that I cut from felt (pain the arse, as they were so tiny) the others were fairly straight forward.

In making this project I discovered that I seem to have inherited some of my mothers ability to draw. I found an image of a tree that I liked & sketched it out. I wanted the tree to be BIG so that it can be used for other felt activities. I think that the tree will lend itself well to showing the seasons & no doubt I will do another post updating my progress on that at a later time, hopefully not too long though.

commissioned valentine tree crop

After posting pictures & links on facebook to my take on this project, granny asked for one to use at the library, so I made another, my first commissioned piece. Here it is all ready to go with all the hearts lined up & the poem at the bottom printed & laminated 🙂

Of course after I finished making my trees & hearts I felt the need to make something else & Levi requested Monsters, so I made him a couple of them, which I will include in tomorrow’s post


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