Monsters & Ducks

BIG MonstersLevi LOVES Monsters at the moment. He was introduced to Monsters Inc when he went to see Chloe one day & since then has seen both Monsters Inc & Monsters University. He adores the monsters in both movies, so with this in mind, I thought that it might be nice to make him some monsters to play with on the felt board.

Technically I made these two big fella’s last night, but I wanted to keep the theme together for this post. The green monster actually has everything glued to it, whereas the blue does not, everything on it is removable. My original thought was to make them both with interchangeable bits, but the mouth on the green monster is a little tricky. You need the red to show the mouth or the tongue looks ridiculously out of place. Levi wanted to play with one then & there (I made it during his nap time, so that when he awoke it was waiting) so I gave him the green one to start. 10-Little-Monsters-free-printable-book-for-early-readers-the-measured-mom1

In doing a search for monster themed rhymes, I found this free book online & thought that I should print off a copy, & laminate it for him, which inspired me to create 10 monsters to go with the book. I have only really completed 4.5 because I got a little bored & annoyed with making more manageable sized monsters for him. The smaller that things are made for the felt board, the more fiddly it gets.


Small MonstersI am for the most part creating my own monsters, yes there are similarities to other monster pictures one might see, but I have created patterns from scratch so that I can reference them again in future if I so desire.

They aren’t too bad, but I need to play around a bit more with them, it’s all part of the creative process. Levi adores them, which is more important. Just need to make a few more to go with the story.

5 ducksAnother request was made by Levi for me to make some ducks for him, so that he could wake up to them in the morning, so I whipped up these little guys fairly fast before I headed to bed too for the night. I think it might need a BIG mother duck for the 5 little ducks song.



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