Sick ones

With both of the kids sick & us unable to go to the library today for stories, I knew that I had to come up with something reasonably fun. We read the 10 little monsters story (several times) that I had laminated for Levi & played with the valentine tree, as well as reading brown bear, brown bear & the felt story (repeatedly) & other play. Levi is really into imaginative play these days, so we had several tea parties throughout the day, which was very cute.

After naps, I continued with the footprint art I had started yesterday with Levi & started a completely new one with both of them.

E & L footprintsThe first was something that I did for a friend who just had a baby, infact we made it in the hospital with her oldest daughter & newborn.

Levi decided that he wanted pink & that Emily would have green, so that’s what we did. It’s not perfect but working with little ones is certainly not the easiest thing to do either. I think that it needs a little bit more on it, because there seems to be a HUGE amount of blank space, but not 100% sure what. Footprints are sooo much easier to do though if you want to capture memories in paint. If you want hand prints, trace their hand, yes still not easy, but hands really suck.

LOVEThis (to the left) is a version of something I had seen online. The L and the E were both done in cursive writing on the ones that I saw, but I decided NOT to go with that method of writing, not sure if I did the right thing or not. Notice the hand prints. Whilst Levi’s looked not too bad (at the bottom), Emily’s was more of a smudge. As soon as she got the paint on her hands she squeezed her hand into a tight fist & trying to pry open those fingers to get a print, well it’s pretty obvious how that went, but still the attempt was made.

Again, there is a little bit too much blank space at the top, so after a suggestion from a friend I’m going to add the words …. All you need is…. at the top.

CupcakesTonight, I received a small package, finally something I bought on ebay arrived, some cupcake embellishments that I plan to use on some hairclips, that I want to make for Emily’s first birthday party (yes, I realise she isn’t even 4 months yet). Levi loved them & wanted to play with them, so I decided to play around with some felt cupcakes, drawing up some patterns from very BIG, to tiny & then just about the right size. Levi seems to like the smallest one best.

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