Valentine Stained Glass Hearts

Hearts I’ve always loved stained glass, so today’s craft was a huge amount of fun. After I made the piñata for Levi’s birthday in October I still had a heap of tissue paper left & this seemed like the ideal project to make use of some of the bits that I had (cut up) & sitting around just waiting for another project. The tissue paper is ideal because similar to stained glass it lets a bit of light in.


Materials used were;Close up of heart
Red Construction paper to cut out a heart (& then repeatedly cut down to size to make smaller hearts)
Laminating sheets
Different colours of tissue paper cut up
A hole punch would be good, but I didn’t have one, so I used scissors to cut holes & hang them

Levi & Emily heart handI started to experiment a little in the end & using a template that I had of the kids hands (traced onto cardboard) I then cut out shapes to represent their hands. When the index & thumb meet it looks like a heart. I decided to accentuate the heart shape by cutting out a heart in red that fit within (not a perfect cut on purpose). All in all, I think it worked out pretty good & I’m more than happy with the results of our stained glass valentines 🙂 I think I might have to make a few more of these for some very special people. Whilst this craft really suits Valentine’s Day, I think it’s a pretty good all year round craft. Lovely for mothers or fathers day, birthdays for parents or grandparents…..


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