Well after deleting 11 pages of bogus subscribers, I have removed the option to subscribe. Maybe in the future I will change it so that there is a word captcha generator, but for now, I went with the easiest method. If you were an actual legit subscriber (& someone we know) sorry I bumped you, but in future you might want to use a more legit looking email or user name (I suspect I haven’t bumped anyone though). Lets try & give this blogging thing another go.

The funny thing is that we setup this web address so that family who might be wanting to contact us could & we could keep lots of people up to date with what are doing. Of late I have gotten a little annoyed with the use that some blood related family & former friends have had of this blog to stay updated with what we are up to, yet still can’t pull their fingers out to talk to us, so have been avoiding blogging a lot becauseĀ  of it. However, there are a fair number of family & friends who we do keep in touch with & want to, who also like to read the blog, so I’m just going to have to get over being pissed off with “the others” & get back into it. Lets see how long this lasts šŸ˜‰

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